INTO THE MOAT - The Design

Into The Moat - The Design

9 songs
33:00 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


When Dillinger Escape Plan popularised complex metal core sounds, it was like the rejuvenation of a genre. But like all good things, also this innovation soon turned out to become a fashion, even if only a minor one, to be sincere. Consequently Into The Moat are just one more of these newcomer bands. Although they self-released an EP already two years ago, The Design is their first regular album on a real label. Apart from not bringing new element to the genre "progressive metal core", they are more than able to entertain you for the short length of this debut. The vocals are angry, fierce and harassed, while the music does its very best to stay on the complicated aggro side. The overall rhythm always keeps the pace at lightning speed, but lending Into The Moat a close ear shows that this just as technically challenging as anything Eighties thrash-proggers like Watchtower and Mekong Delta did. Where these bands overwhelmed their audiences with true musical revolution and a keen ear for catchy melodies, Into The Moat have a more relentless approach that should appeal to most fans of modern metal core.

While The Design is a very challenging work, and a CD every friend of intelligent metal music will like to listen and re-listen again and again, it pales when it comes to the songwriting side, where you sorely miss the great hooks that made the last DEP album such a classic, and the length of half an hour (plus a couple of minutes keyboard sounds) keep it on the too-short side, as likewise album normally oscillate between 40 and 50 minutes running time. Recommended for fans of proggy metal core, especially if you prefer technical prowess over the (more commercial?) songwriting side.

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