INVICTUS - Black Heart

Invictus - Black Heart

12 songs
51:15 minutes
***** *


French metal music has often been overlooked in the past, although they have had some rather important bands in the past, from traditional metal bands like Sortilege to the rock'n'roll kings Trust and also some interesting death, black and thrash bands. OK, they have a rather small scene, considering the size of the country, but that shouldn't hinder a band like Invictus to make it over their borders.

Black Heart is the first album the band released under the name Invictus, but they are by no means newcomers as they released already two albums under the weird name Quark7. So a name change was appropriate, although I wonder why they had to name themselves after a Virgin Steele album. Anyway, this should already point us into the right direction: symphonic power metal with some progressive elements, professionally done, but in my opinion without a spark of originality.

Which means: if you're really into that kind of music, you can buy it blindly, because the musicians are flawless, but Black Heart is definitely not the album to start symphonic metal. Better to that with the forefathers Virgin Steele.

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