IOIOI - Bright Future

IOIOI - Bright Future

12 songs
39:28 minutes
***** **


When rock music becomes entangled in rules and regulations, and an artist doesn't find any satisfaction with established sounds, sometimes the only way out is to reinvent music as a whole. IOIOI, a female solo artist from Italy, does just that. With her guitars, bass and kototoy, she is recording her fragmentary songs into her laptop and adds "voice, no words".

Initially inspired by a Kurosawa movie, it comes as no surprise to find a Japanese touch in her music, sounding like a crazier Deerhoof under the guidance of a Yoko One performance show. Even if Bright Future starts and ends with relatively song-like pieces (La fille qui donne le bonheur and Kazumi viva), the remaining ten songs are freeform pop abstraction, with vague guitar improvisations alternating with laptop experimentalism. The vocals, not adhering to any existing language, work as a musical instrument. Where 99% of music is following more or less strict rules, IOIOI has a freer approach towards the concept of a song, always scratching at the surface of a melody, not always quite unveiling it, leaving that final task to the listener's imagination.

This doesn't make Bright Future an easy album, but then that's certainly not the goal. IOIOI wants you to work the songs out, finding a pattern in her intuitive compositional process, finding the beauty underneath the metallic clatter and the instrument's noise.

I myself still come from a more formulistic school, and therefore prefer the fragile beauty of the first and the last song on the album. The in-between material is more challenging, but should appeal to fans of extreme lo-fi minimalism and Japanese art.

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