IRIDIO - Endless Way

Iridio - Endless Way

11 songs
43:45 minutes
Audioglobe / SPV


The combination of folk and contemporary music is not a new idea, but it can at times achieve an interesting result. There are rock bands like In Extremo, Subway To Sally and even the Luxembourgish Clanrock that deliver exciting albums. And sometimes slower projects, like Blackmore’s Night for instance, have their charm, too.

Iridio from Italy is, like Blackmore’s Night, a male/female couple playing music together. Valentina Buroni is in charge of the vocal parts, her partner Franz Zambon provides the piano and samples. Daniele Defranchis is adding sometimes a little acoustic guitar. Iridio was formed in 2002, and Endless Way is their second album.

Iridio play a mixture of medieval folk, contemporary world music, Celtic music, all kept at an ambient, romantic and dreamy level. The opener contains flutes and pianos, but nothing exciting is happening. The next track is an acoustic Celtic tune. Later on, several songs would be fitting for folk festivals. At One With The Universe differs from the rest due to its Oriental influences. My Home has some decent violin parts, but that’s all I can write about this album.

Iridio’s music unfortunately doesn’t appeal to me at all. Maybe fans of Qntal, Loreena McKennit, Faun and Vangelis and any other kind of ambient music may like this, but someone important once said that a good piece of music needs at least a rhythm. And I couldn’t find it anywhere on this record. Or it was present at the moment I was dozing off while listening.

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