IRON FATE - Cast In Iron

Iron Fate - Cast In Iron

9 songs
40:22 minutes
***** **


Album title, cover artwork and band name reveal instantly that this record can only contain utterly traditional metal. German true metal band Iron Fate were founded in 2005 and only release now their debut Cast In Iron that leaves out no cliché. Sometimes their plan work out just nice, but at other times it can go wrong just as well.

The latter counts for instance for the nearly two minute long spoken word intro which is anything but captivating. The first regular track Iron Fate sees the band redeeming themselves, as this classic metal song contains all the right ingredients: high shrieking vocals, sawing guitar riffs, relentless speed and even some melodic parts that made me think of Vicious Rumors. You might get the impression that Cast In Iron is a long lost speed metal album that was recorded around 1990. Iron Fate’s biggest strength are their faster material, where I especially appreciate the powerful and aggressive Killer Instinct and the razor sharp Rage In A Cage. Among the eight featured songs, five are kept at a rather brisk pace and show Iron Fate at their best. Two songs are more mid-tempo, giving me sometimes the impression that the band is lost and doesn’t know how to get to the point. The concluding ballad Painful Sorrow sounds somewhat put on and can’t therefore convince.

Iron Fate definitely have a lot of potential, but they are not yet experienced enough to use it fully. The band should recognise its strengths and concentrate on them in the future. One quieter track would have been acceptable, but three are definitely two too many. I hope that the next time they will have learned this lesson.

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