IRON FIRE - Blade Of Triumph

Iron Fire - Blade Of Triumph

11 songs
54:53 minutes


The Viking themed cover artwork and memories of former Iron Fire albums prepare me for the worst: the fourth CD Blade Of Triumph from Danish metal heads Iron Fire stays the course.

Iron Fire haven’t learned anything from their faults committed in the past. There’s nothing to say against the solid production by Frederik Nordström, and the technical abilities of the band members are flawless too, just as it has been the case in the past.

My first problem is the fact that Blade Of Triumph is a shameless copy of their previous album Revenge. Iron Fire don’t even try to bring new elements into their rigid concept of melodic power metal. The opener Dragonheart is an extremely disappointing and weak start. The following Bloodbath Of Knights is a ballad that definitely comes at a too early point on this album. The next two tracks Dawn Of Victory and Lord Of The Labyrinth don’t have the necessary power to rescue this hopeless attempt of a true metal album. On Bridges Will Burn, a faster track, you learn that even speed can’t help Iron Fire to bring some action into their songwriting. Listening to this album is a terribly boring experience I will not repeat anytime soon. It’s already sounding a bit ironic that of all the songs, a ballad is the album’s highlight: Legend Of The Magic Sword is a retro rock slow with a light Jethro Tull touch. The ultimate disaster comes with Steel Invaders, with the chorus repeating again and again ‘Raise The Metal Fist In The Air’.

In general, Denmark is a country with an excellent metal reputation. Manticora, HateSphere, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Psyke Project, The Arcane Order,… are still forming a comfortable majority to Danish light metal acts as TNT and Iron Fire. As Blade Of Triumph is an awful copy of Revenge, it deserves the same low rating.

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