IRON HERO - Safe As Houses

Iron Hero - Safe As Houses

10 songs
45:33 minutes
***** ***


When a label you have never heard about send you a promo-CD comes in a generic white cardboard box, of a band that is called Iron Hero, you expect some boring heavy metal band. Fortunately things couldn’t be different. This six-piece from Georgia (the American state, not the Eastern European country) plays timeless indie rock which reminds me strongly of Minus The Bear, although Iron Hero have a less progressive approach towards their music. The opener Wearing A Wire surprises with a warm sounding vibraphone, awaking memories of Aloha’s best moments. From there on, the band serves us some more rich tasting indie rock that owes as much to shoegazing as it does to European brand post rock.

The vocals are nicely melancholic and fit the mood of the album perfectly. And if you think that Georgia, deep in the South of the USA, should only be a breeding ground for rednecks, you should reconsider as some of the most excellent indie pop has been produced by the Elephant Six Collective which came from just that part of the States. Iron Hero are generally a sadder bunch of people, but their album strikes a chord with me, and probably with many people in Europe, or how would you explain that they have been signed to a label in Germany but not yet in the USA?

Safe As Houses is an album that may sound a little at a loss for identity at first, but after your third or fourth round with the CD, you will definitely come to admire the band’s varied sound that uses a lot of different instruments but manages eventually never to sound pretentious, but always hooked on the song. Fans of melodic indie rock should absolutely give this a try.

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