IRON MASK - Revenge Is My Name

Iron Mask - Revenge Is My Name

12 songs
50:48 minutes
***** ***


This is again one of the albums where band name, cover artwork and record label show in what direction the CD will point: neo-classical speed metal, thankfully with vocals (which is not always the case when it comes to guitar label Lion Records) on most of the tracks.

Dushan Petrossi used to be the mastermind of Belgian power metal band Magic Kingdom, but because of contractual problems with their former label, he couldn't release the second CD, so he just changed musicians and bandname, and released Revenge Is My Name. Petrossi is a good guitarist, and a look at his instrument shows clearly that his influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen. I am not an expert, but it looks as if he stole the guitar straight from Yngwie's hands.

The CD starts with an interpretation of a Haendel theme, before four great speed metal songs follow, where especially The Witch Burner shows high qualities. The second half of the CD is different in some ways. You Are My Blood is a ballad they could have done as well without, the long The Wolf And The Beast might have been shorter if they had cut two minutes from the intro, and Hold The Light is a classic hard rock track we might have heard from Mr. Big ten years ago. Not necessarily a bad song, but very unexpected.

The album has a very strong 80ies feeling, and if you liked music like Yngwie Malmsteen or Cacophony, Revenge Is My Name will be a nostalgic trip into the past. If you prefer modern metal or no metal at all, you might as well bypass this CD. Still, 8 points for a solid effort in retro metal music.

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