IRON SAVIOR - Megatropolis

Iron Savior - Megatropolis

9 songs
45:36 minutes
***** ***
Dockyard 1


Nowadays it’s hard to believe that Iron Savior is a project formed in 1997 by Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Thomen Stauch (Savage Circus). After their departure, Iron Savior transformed into a real band that has been releasing albums on a regular basis. Megatropolis is their sixth CD and it’s been three years since Battering Ram.

I wasn’t too familiar with the band’s background. The band name sounds like a metal cliché, but the cover artwork looks modern and promising. From the beginning, I feel attracted to Iron Savior’s music. The opener Running Riot is a timeless piece of metal suitable for fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Nevermore. Even more interesting is The Omega Man, sounding like a crossbreed between Phil Lynott’s Out In The Fields and Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law. To add some variation to the record, Flesh comes as a mid-tempo song with a modern touch. In its middle part, the album presents a stronger rock touch. Cybernatic Queen has similar guitar riffs to Deep Purple’s Woman From Tokyo, and Cyber Here has not only a funny ending, but shows cool metal riffs and melodies taken from the greatest Kiss days. My personal highlight is the last track Farewell And Good Bye which has fantastic structures and always offers something new to discover in this prog metal song.

There are no discussions about the technical and compositional skills of Iron Saviour. The production is as solid as it can be and even the raw vocals are high above the average German power metal level.

This review contains a lot of comparisons and I can’t say that Iron Savior are original. But then it is difficult to write an original metal album after all those decades of metal history. But Iron Saviour are playing a kind of modern metal which still is free from current trends. If you like your metal powerful, riff-orientated and uncompromising, then Iron Savior may just have released one of your favourite albums of this year.

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