IRONWARE - Break Out

Ironware - Break Out

11 songs
47:54 minutes
***** *


They are young, they are from Sweden and the band's name is Ironware! This should already give you an approximate direction. Break Out, the first long playing album from these youngster, has all the attributes to strike like a bomb in melodic metal circles: high pitched but not castrated vocals, virtuoso guitar work and lots of double bass drumming. The songwriting is also respectable, but then Ironware is a real band (and not just a project, a fashion becoming unfortunately more and more popular these days) that has been playing together for five years already. Songs like the opener Holy Man, Time Machine or the epic Return Of The King have all the ingredients long-haired metalheads have craved for years.

You just shouldn't expect anything too original, even if their label naturally claims that they are. Granted, melodic metal is a genre that doesn't leave much room for innovation. Especially the vocals show parallels to Danish heavy metal legend Pretty Maids, and with the rest of the music firmly rooted in the Eighties, this album is aimed at metal revivalists, and at them only. If names like Hammerfall, Gamma Ray and Stratovarius make you shiver, you might want to make a huge detour around Ironware.

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