ISKALD - Revelations Of Reckoning Day

Iskald - Revelations Of Reckoning Day

9 songs
48:00 minutes
***** ***


Two years after their debut Shades Of Misery, Norwegian black metal band Iskald is back with Revelations Of Reckoning Day. It is obvious from the outset that they adhere to the sound of pioneering Northern black metal bands. The lyrics consequently treat topics from Northern mythology.

Recorded by only two musicians, the album never sounds overproduced, although it is fascinating to contemplate how many elements they put into the different songs. Unlike more commercial bands, Iskald play rough and threatening music that is a perfect soundtrack for frosty landscapes. The duo plays their songs mostly quite fast, but don’t neglect occasional changes of pace. You will get hardly any pause for breath except for A Breath Of Apocalypse which contains unexpected slow parts and the short Endtime, a synthetic symphonic composition. What all songs have in common is their sense for dynamics that make for unadulterated listening fun. Highlights are Det Stilner Til Storm with its imposing drumming and the cool chorus, and Journey To Hel where the band is surpassing itself with the vocal arrangements.

Iskald won’t revolutionise black metal with their new album, but they can pride themselves in having made one of the better genre releases lately. Now they should work on finding more of an own style to help setting them apart from many of their contemporaries.

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