ISOLE - Silent Ruins

Isole - Silent Ruins

7 songs
53:54 minutes
***** ****


Only a short year after releasing their third album Bliss Of Solitude, Swedish doom heroes Isole are back with their new output Silent Ruins. The bare and sombre atmosphere of the front cover reveals instantly what to expect and sets the mood for this extraordinarily strong disc that once again proves that Isole have taken a dominant role in the doom metal genre.

The songs average a running time of nearly eight minutes, and thanks to many mood shifts, Isole manage without a problem to fill their respective songs without faltering. Every single track takes advantage of the smart and thought through instrumentation that not once allows empty spaces. The first two pieces contain already plenty epic parts that invoke the best times of Bathory. The following Nightfall reminded me more of Candlemass, certainly not a coincidence with that song title. But also fans of Solitude Aeturnus will get their share of fun with the similar singing style. The shifts between doomy, dramatic, melancholic and atmospheric moods works perfectly, and the vocalist fits in seamlessly, always impeccable, no matter if he sounds sad, touching or growling.

Isole have come very close to manufacturing the perfect doom album. The band’s variety and versatility are incredible, only the lack of new ideas prevented me from giving them the maximum rating. As a nostalgic metal fan of the late Eighties and the early Nineties, that’s not really a problem, making Silent Ruins an album full of passion that I can recommend with a good conscience to the entire doom community.

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