IT DIES TODAY - Lividity

It Dies Today - Lividity

11 songs
44:57 minutes
***** ***


It Dies Today are a metalcore band from Buffalo, New York who have released their third album Lividity. There haven’t been many changes since its predecessors The Caitiff Choir and Sirens, only vocalist and founding member Nicholas Brooks has left the band and has been replaced by Jason Wood. The band focuses its energies mostly on classic metalcore, but is also open for other influences.

This Ground is a great opener combining emo, hardcore and thrash metal la Pantera in a modern way. While the verses come with undiluted aggression, the choruses stand out with a more melodic approach, making them stick quite instantly. On some tracks, like Thank You For Drinking, the band shows itself from a groovier side, but most of the time heaviness plays the leading part. Bled Out In Black And White is another astonishingly compact track where the musicians show that they are unwilling to waste their time. A more extreme coarseness can be witnessed on The Architects, while Nihility and Life Of Uncertainty sound more complex thanks to fantastic staccato riff sequences. Martyr Of Truth surprises by contrasting unusual gloom sounds la Neurosis with sugar sweet melodies. The concluding Come Undone is apparently a bonus track but apart from its drinking finish doesn’t really veer off the band’s sound.

Metalcore fans will certainly like It Dies Today’s new record. The band doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but that should not be necessary in this case. The four musicians work really hard not to sound like a run-of-the-mill metalcore band, and they succeed. People into bands like As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive and the likes won’t regret risking an ear.

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