I, THE PHOENIX - I, The Phoenix

I, The Phoenix - I, The Phoenix

10 songs
54:29 minutes
***** ***


There’s such a vast amount of new music out there that it’s getting harder and harder for new artists to make themselves heard. I, The Phoenix therefore boldly decided to offer their album as a free stream on Bandcamp, and if you like it, you will definitely want to spend your money on the real physical item which comes with quite an unusual artwork. All the photographs are in stereoscopic 3-D, and the band even added plastic glasses to allow you depth perception. Considering that this is an absolutely independent release, the guys deserve my highest praise for this.

But what about the music? Even with my eyes closed, I could make out their Belgian origin. The duo consisting of Jean-Paul Frenay and Vincent Depuydt plays clinically cold industrial music reminding me at times of Belgian pioneers Front 242, although on the second half they surprisingly pick up momentum and prevent the fifty-five minute long self-titled debut from becoming monotonous. As a matter of fact, their more grandiose moments are not unlike Foetus.

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a connoisseur of the industrial genre, but the mechanical beats, the chilly synthesizers, the grating guitar and the slightly distorted vocals even get my ears pricked open. The seven minute long opener Enter The Storm may not have my interest piqued, but the longer this CD goes on, the better I seem to like it. Add to this the truly exceptional and certainly not cheap artwork, and you have yourself a winner. Seven points for the first half, nine points for the second half, averages a deserved eight!

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