IVANHOE - Lifeline

Ivanhoe - Lifeline

9 songs
51:40 minutes


Despite having been around since the mid-Eighties, German metal band Ivanhoe never achieved playing in the top league. Their music lies somewhere between melodic and progressive metal, is flawless from a technical point of view but finally never manages to arouse the listener.

In the past, Ivanhoe have been compared to Queenr˙che and Dream Theater, which isn’t really far-fetched. The songwriting reminds of Dream Theater’s quieter songs, and vocalist Mischa tries to sound like a less extreme Geoff Tate. The band doesn’t really try to be overly complex, progressive or symphonic, instead they emphasise their melodic, emotional and even commercial side. This sounds clean and radio friendly, with the suspicion that they are two decades late. I definitely would like this better if the band played harder and added more power metal elements. Some tracks like Finally and We Will Burn are actually very good, but most of the time, the songs have a tendency to fly by unnoticed.

I don’t doubt the musicians’ talents, but I have the bad feeling, despite not being familiar with their earlier work, that Ivanhoe are stuck in the past. Lifeline feels too sterile and doesn’t invite you to come back more often.

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