Jack Of All Trades - Demo

4 songs
17:36 minutes
***** ***


Jack Of All Trades are an experimental band which was founded in 1998. Although they started as quite an ordinary indie rock band, they decided after two years of nearly zero resonance to create a more complex and emotional sound which gets presented on their first EP released in 2003. The opener Chiropody has a very slow start and sounds neo-progressive, drawing parallels to Marillion. The male vocals are very high and effeminate. This doesn't disturb at all because it matches very well with the mellow sounds which gradually develop into a harder song. The next song Two-Armed Headcrush is the most electronic one, reminding me very much of Ozric Tentacles. Although it contains some voices, they sound more like a whisper or breathing than real vocals. The final two songs Poem and Crystal Lake are again more experimental and show JOAT's admiration for Sigur Ros and latter day Radiohead. The four songs on this EP are certainly no easy listening, but real music gems if you take the time to analyse them closer.

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