The Jacob Conspiracy - Colourful Crime

10 songs
36:09 minutes
***** ***


In 2009 The Jacob Conspiracy entered the local music scene with a short self-titled four track EP that while showing enough promise lacked the necessary bite. Two years and countless live shows later, the quartet is back with their first longplayer Colourful Crime, and their hard working efforts definitely strike the eye, or rather the ear.

Maybe it’s the vocalist’s past in a blues band that prevented him from delivering the goods from the starts, but his performance has improved incredibly over the years. The album’s opener and title track is a fast rocker that combines the best of alternative rock, grunge and stoner rock into a sunny conglomerate that makes you wish you were driving a convertible on a west coast highway, just like in the classic video game Out Run from the Eighties. The following Don’t Bring Me Down cuts down the speed and adds more groove while Like A Sign shows the band from a more melodic side while not neglecting their full-balls-on attitude.

I admit that I expected some progress, but their initial EP truly pales in comparison to Colourful Crime. The songs are all rather short, never actually surpassing the four minute border, but unfortunately after only eight songs, the electric onslaught is over, leaving the band for two acoustic encores, with Turn The Page already known from the EP. Those last two tracks also definitely have their charm, but considering the overall running time of not even forty minutes, one might have wished for two more rock songs. Be that as it may be, Colourful Crime is an excellent return to form that I would not have thought possible. Fans of no-nonsense rock music will be in for a treat with this album by The Jacob Conspiracy.

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