THE JACOB CONSPIRACY - The Jacob Conspiracy

The Jacob Conspiracy - The Jacob Conspiracy

4 songs
14:02 minutes
***** **


Although they always got a lot of attention from the media and civilians alike, I never counted myself among the fans of Blue Shade. Their take on blues was just too conservative for me, so I wasn’t really thrilled when I heard that two members of that currently not too active band formed a new one called The Jacob Conspiracy with Lincoln Hawk bass player Raph and former Couchgrass drummer Dirk as their rhythm section.

One thing’s for sure though: their debut EP, although featuring still some marginal blues elements, heads into a much earthier direction, as can be heard on the catchy opener No Reason, which is followed by the equally straightforward Cigarette & A Drink which comes with nice organ sounds. The last two tracks are more indebted to their blues past. Devil’s Smile is a crunchy alternative blues rocker. Some would call this stoner light. The concluding Turn The Page is a short, moody ballad with warm guitars and an emotional vocal line.

This is not bad for a debut. The vocals could sound grittier for my taste, but otherwise The Jacob Conspiracy do everything right. The production, courtesy of Charles Manson Stoltz, is flawless and highlights the American tinged alternative rock sound the band must have been aiming for. The songs are all between three and four minutes long, never getting lost in tiresome doodling. Although at times they remind me somewhat of local alternative rockers Holy National Victims, it might be fairer that this is what music sounds like when they emotional depth of Blue Shade meets the dirty fingernails of Lincoln Hawk. More original than Blue Shade, less unrestrained than Lincoln Hawk, this quartet might actually find a large target audience with their appealing rock sound. It’s also a good idea that they decided to start their recording career with a short EP, because this prevents them from straining their listeners too much, and leaves them, hopefully, wanting more.

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