JALDABOATH - Rise Of The Heraldic Beasts

Jaldaboath - Rise Of The Heraldic Beasts

10 songs
40:24 minutes
***** ***


Jaldaboath play on their debut medieval metal but are fortunately light years away from being another clone of In Extremo or Subway To Sally. Jaldaboath come from England and have a typical British sense of humour that Germans can only dream of. This culminates in them having chosen a mythical figure from Greece as their band name.

Following their EP Hark The Herald, Rise Of The Heraldic Beasts is the first longplayer by these bizarre Brits. The opener Hark The Herald, rendered already into an incredibly funny video clip, starts with cheesy keyboards, but somehow they fit their strange sound. It is undeniable that the three musicians must have had a great time recording the album. Their nonsense is definitely spelled in capital letters, and parallels to Monty Python’s Holy Grail are obvious. The songs have a great sense of dynamics and will stick with you already after the first run. The medieval touch is omnipresent even though the band relies exclusively on synthetic emulations. They try hard to keep their material varied, yet no track can achieve the genius of the opener. There are no weak spots, apart maybe from the nondescript instrumental March To Cavalry. Further highlights include the very metal Seek The Grail, the swaying Axe Wielding Nuns and the slightly oriental Da Vinci’s Code which makes fun of Rammstein.

Those who can imagine liking a mix of folklore, metal and nonsense are at the right address with Jaldaboath. Rise Of The Heraldic Beasts is a fun affair from the first to the last note and should be mandatory equipment for every metal party.

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