Jancee Pornick Casino / Marlones - Split-10"

3 / 3 songs
10:24 / 8:34 minutes
***** *** / ***** **
Hound Dog

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Our French neighbours from the department 57 love dirty, classical rock’n’roll. The Metz based label Hound Dog Records has been releasing for quite some time now finely packaged split-10” vinyl albums that always offer two rock’n’roll bands rooted in the garage sounds of the Fifties and Sixties.

On the first side, Cologne rockers Jancee Pornick Casino play a classic mix of rustic rock’n’roll and psychobilly. They start with an unusual but great cover version of Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast. Metal purists will scream bloody murder, but there is no denying that this is a fun opener. Hot Sauce is a fast piece that takes no prisoners, combining rockabilly with surf music. The melancholic Fucked In The City Of Love turns into the well known chanson Champs Elysées, thus ending the Germans’ contribution.

The Marlones from Metz sound totally different by crossbreeding Nineties inspired noise rock with authentic retro rock. The result is nothing new, reminds me of German band The Audience. The Marlones’s songs are still working alright, especially the dirty guitar sound elevates them far above average.

As the two featured bands don’t sound the same, and especially The Marlones being untypical for this label, the split-album can be considered a success. It’s a nice way to get a glimpse of two promising bands. It would be a nice idea though to add a CD-R with the songs for those who want to listen to the music in their car on on their iPods.

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