JAYA THE CAT - Late Night Transmissions With…

Jaya The Cat - Late Night Transmissions With…

13 songs
41:28 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


Originating in Boston but later relocating to Amsterdam, a city which is botanically more adept to their choice of music, reggae punk band Jaya The Cat are back, after a four year break, with their third album on their third label. Unlike many popular bands, Jaya The Cat are more into reggae and rock than into ska and punk, and with a good dose of dub added, the come across more as the descendents of Bob Marley than of Madness.

Late Night Transmissions With… is an album with a sunny vibe, narrating about the good things in life (drinking and partying) but not neglecting a sharp political comment either. The CD starts with tracks that are firmly rooted in dubby reggae rhythms carried by rock guitars, only towards the middle the band adds a layer of aggression and is flirting occasional with ska punk elements, although you won’t find a brass section in this band.

With more than six hundred shows on their account, Jaya The Cat are one of those bands that manage to entertain you flawlessly through the entire running time of their album, never boring you with trite moments of dullness. Also they never sound like any of those aspiring kiddie ska punk bands that are still dripping with teenage angst and frustration. Jaya The Cat play reggae punk rock for a mature audience that likes to party to good music that knows how to have a good time and still point a finger at social injustices in the world.

Late Night Transmissions With… doesn’t reinvent anything, but as of now, it stands quite by itself in a music scene where most bands try to hide the technical inadequacies with a loud brass section and colourful haircuts. Apart from the concluding and a little too commercial Closing Time which has also been chosen as the forthcoming single, you get a high energy

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