J.B.O. - Für Anfänger

J.B.O. - Für Anfänger

19 songs
51:58 minutes
Lawine / Sony


I'm really not a fan of best-of compilations. It's ok for a DVD release where a band can show all their video clips or play a live set, but as a simple CD, the idea just doesn't convince me. After ten years and six albums, the German comedy rockers J.B.O. release their first compilation album before they are forced by the label to do it.

I wonder if there are really people who need this compilation. Everyone who possesses the regular J.B.O. albums doesn't need it, even if Könige (original by Rio Reiser) now has more contemporary lyrics. Beginners shouldn't buy this record, but the J.B.O. debut Explizite Lyrik, the band's best record. If you like it, then get the next one Laut!. J.B.O. really became worse recorded by record. As soon as you purchase a record that you don't like anymore, stop buying J.B.O. albums.

Für Anfänger contains 19 songs, 10 cover versions and 9 original. The idea of covering was very great, but J.B.O. never were good enough to write their own material. The German lyrics written by J.B.O. are meant to be funny. Sometimes they succeed (Gänseblümchen, Glaubensbekenntnis, Könige), but other lyrics do not even come close to humour. If you want crude German lyrics, listen to Kassierer or Lokalmatadore. Wir sind die Champignons probably is the oldest joke in the history of rock music and worst of all, there are seven songs in which J.B.O. are praising themselves.

I'm fed up with the pink and black attack. The image behind J.B.O. has meanwhile become ridiculous. I know that they are still very successful, but daily soaps, casting shows and talk shows are too.

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