JELONEK - Jelonek

Jelonek - Jelonek

14 songs
49:44 minutes
***** *
Mystic Production


The cover artwork instantly made me think of Apocalyptica who made string instruments acceptable in metal circles. While the Finnish quartet played their cellos, Jelonek give the lead part to the violin. Furthermore they are from Poland which once again proves that this country has a very diverse music scene.

Actually Jelonek have not that much in common with metal music. The band leader is accompanied by guest musicians on guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, but they play a rather subdued role. Mr. Jelonek has classical training that is hard to overhear. Especially Mosquito Flight reminds of Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Flight Of The Bumblebee. Jelonek is acting quite varied on this self-titled album, but the desired effect does not always appear. The opener Ba-Rock has a certain Rondo Veneziano touch, the following B.East highlights the songwriter’s Eastern European origins. The nimble Elephant’s Ballet and the contemporary MachineHat are two of the better moments. Unfortunately about a third of the material is rather unspectacular. Beech Forest is too esoteric for my touch, and Miserere Mei Deus is too unspectacular.

There are certain a couple of good ideas to be discovered on the album, but there is not enough potential to make them last throughout the album. Maybe some vocal parts wouldn’t have harmed either, as this worked always in favour of Apocalyptica when they employed female singers. I dare say that fans of classical music will get more out of this than the metal crowd.

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