JESAIAH - Et Tu, Hope

Jesaiah - Et Tu, Hope

10 songs
33:32 minutes
***** ***
Black Star Foundation


The cover painting should intrigue you enough to have a go at this album by Swedish band Jesaiah, and once inside your stereo, the music is so fierce that it will get your attention straight away. The Stockholm based quintet, although certainly not reinventing extreme music, unleashed a furious mix of early screamo peppered with nice mathy rhythms, giving their sparkling sound a certain progressive edge. Occasional doom and post rock excursions furthermore help turning Et Tu, Hope into a dynamic cocktail that ends all too soon after a good half hour.

The vocals switch between anguished screams and half-melodic moans, not unlike the late Luxembourgish hardcore heroes dEFDUMp, while the guitars seem to have a preference for feedback fuelled notes that add a claustrophobic urgency. Although there are a lot of fast parts, the preponderant angular structures make sure that the final result feels quite heady a lot of the time.

Jesaiah’s perfectly produced record never runs the risk of giving the impression of being aimed at a juvenile metalcore crowd. Instead the band incorporates the virtues of early screamo core into their contemporary hardcore sound, coming up with a sonic onslaught that should attract every fan of extreme noise music which happens to be brutal and intelligent at the same time.

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