Jesus On Extasy - Holy Beauty

11 songs
49:31 minutes
***** ***


Jesus On Extasy is a newcomer band from Germany that describes itself on their homepage as the Future of Industrial. This can be considered as a statement of arrogance, but the effort behind Holy Beauty is remarkable and aims at industrial as well as at rock fans.

The album starts with Assassinate Me, a song with a stronger disco beat than industrial touch which could as well have come from the Eighties. To show the recognition the band has already achieved, the album also features a remix of this track by KMFDM, a legend in the industrial scene. My favourite song is Nuclear Bitch which is so danceable that a comparison to Army Of Lovers is impossible to avoid. Although the genre “industrial” has already been mentioned quite a few times in this review, their music isn’t brutal enough to fit that description. A couple of songs remind me of Camouflage, a wave and disco icon from the Eighties. And Alone is a wonderfully arranged melancholic track. There is also a more aggressive and technoid side to Jesus On Extasy. Neochrome and the title track are more rhythmic and dynamic, with parallels to Marilyn Manson.

I have never been too fond of industrial, but I appreciate what Jesus On Extasy have accomplished on this record. The combination of danceable electronic beats with heavy rock guitar chords is working perfectly.

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