JIKAN GA NAI - Plenty Time

Jikan Ga Nai - Plenty Time

4 songs
15:55 minutes
***** **


Don’t let yourself be fooled by the name. Jikan Ga Nai are not from Japan, but consist of Harold Nono from Scotland and Eric Cosentino from France. The latter moved to New York City ten years ago where he is currently performing as Pain Noir. The former has been already reviewed many times on these pages, usually as a member of one of these Internet based groups of artists who never met each other but instead send each other music files until a song has been completed.

In the case of Jikan Ga Nai, we get rather ambient music with a certain improvised feeling that reminds a little of Brian Eno and King Crimson’s Eighties era. The drums are programmed and offer a cold and clinical feeling, which is emphasized by the synthesizer sounds. All of this is counteracted by really nice guitar work. On the first two tracks (When We Lie Down We Take The Penguin Home and Of Course We Weren’t Always Superstars), they sound very Frippish (has this in the meantime become an established adjective?), hence the King Crimson reference before. The slightly longer Legend Days even has some mellow acoustic guitar parts that give this track a really warm atmosphere. The concluding The Man Who Tells The Trains… has a more jarring feeling, probably to prevent the listener from lulling too deeply into dream land.

The translation of Jikan Ga Nai means There’s Not Enough Time, quite unlike the EP’s title Plenty Time, and you really have to give this duo a little of your time for the music to unravel its mesmerising and haunting beauty. I only end up wondering if this wouldn’t be even more captivating, were these sounds enveloped in something resembling more typical songwriting. The quarter hour of music is already a nice appetiser, and I hope that the two artists, both of whom are really talented, will find plenty of time to flesh out their ideas even further in the future.

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