JOAN SILVER PIN - Chiaroscuro

Joan Silver Pin - Chiaroscuro

9 songs
70:05 minutes

The band name is an old word for poppy, the plant that yielded opiates to the world. The album title is an art form that emphasizes the contrast between the light and the dark. The album artwork is among the most beautiful I have ever come across, and the digipak also looks terrific. If only the Russians' music could overwhelm me in the same way. Maybe I am just too used to bands playing regular songs, because JSP's sonic landscapes are anything but conventional music. Only For Paulina sounds like a normal song, in a laid back Pink Floyd kind of way. The remaining tracks are experimental explorations of ambient basic tracks with trumpets that give the ensemble a film noir atmosphere, and a female vocalist who adds some ethnic touches.

With songs ranging from five to nineteen minutes, there is enough room to explore, and I imagine that Chiaroscuro has enough substance that deserves to be analysed, but as interesting as their avant-garde textures come across, they are just too jazzy for my taste, making you think that this is the soundtrack to some movie you probably even wouldn't want to see. Have a listen if you are eager to discover new aural worlds, but don't expect anything easy to digest. 1 point for accessibility, 9 points for originality, the album averages 5 points, but don't let them mean anything to anybody.

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