Job For A Cowboy - Genesis

10 songs
30:41 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


Strange band name, grizzly cover artwork, and we’re in the presence of another newcomer that is trying to take the world by storm with their brand of metalcore. Job For A Cowboy, a young band from Arizona, combines elements from grindcore, math metal and hardcore into something very tasty, and although the band can hardly be called innovative, they at least understand that music takes more than just pummelling themselves for half an hour through their repertoire.

Considering that there are two moody instrumentals among the ten tracks, we are left with only 26 minutes of real music, which is in my opinion a bit short for a longplayer. Most of the time the band is adhering to the crazy math core genre, speeding through complex rhythm patterns and managing to sound truly pissed. On Embedded, Job For A Cowboy combine their speed components with groovier parts, and the sludgy The Divine Falsehood even hints at doom influences.

That Job For A Cowboy have an enormous sense of humour is known by anyone who has seen their genial parody of a Spongebob video clip. Genesis is a different story altogether. It’s an angry album that definitely has its moments of charm, even though the fun stops too soon already after half an hour.

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