JOE COFFEE - When The Fabric Don’t Fit The Frame

Joe Coffee - When The Fabric Don’t Fit The Frame

11 songs
33:06 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


Joe Coffee is not a lone perpetrator but a band consisting of Paul Bearer and four musicians. The former is not the previous manager of wrestling star The Undertaker, but the vocalist of legendary hardcore band Sheer Terror. Joe Coffee is his new band where he can try a different genre.

The opener Don’t Sweat It, Steal It is doubtlessly the rawest piece on the CD, and the grim vocal style is a clear indication to Paul Bearer’s hardcore past. Following this, the album takes a turn to highlight totally different sides of rock music. Sometimes they sound noisier and remind, especially due to the guitars, of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth. The retro wave is another genre they are trying, with the more melancholic moments drawing parallels to recent Misfits. Paul Bearer is actually quite a varied singer. If he sounds a little like Jerry Only on the quieter songs, the more upbeat Second String To Your Second Best could pass as a Nomeansno track. The album contains with The Good Life even a drunken ballad that should be welcome in every self-respecting Irish pub. Baby’s Comin’ Home Today comes with a brass section and reminds slightly of Gary Glitter. Get Yourself Together is a wonderfully cheesy cover version of the Small Faces hit.

You can blame Joe Coffee for not having a regular concept, but their enormous variety and unadulterated joy of playing make sure that listening to When The Fabric Don’t Fit The Frame is totally fun. Done like this, rock’n’roll is an absolute pleasure that should attract people from the tolerant Johnny Cash fan base to the unwashed punk rocker. It’s only a shame that the album has turned out to be so short.

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