JOHN 5 - Vertigo

John 5 - Vertigo

13 songs
42:30 minutes


John 5 is not a passage from the Bible, but another self proclaimed guitar hero who's annoying the listener with 13 very futile tracks. He's looking even sicker than Placebo, but when you know that John 5 had been the Marylin Manson guitar player for several years, his look isn't so surprising anymore. Even if I have a lot of respect for what Marylin Manson does (for instance dropping John 5 from the band), I really can't get any pleasure listening to this record. I have to admit that John 5 is no typical guitar hero, but the result however isn't any more satisfying. His major influence seems to be Joe Satriani which can be heard on songs like Pulling Strings or Flatlines, Thin Lines. But John 5 shows a heavier approach towards guitar music and he likes to use vocal samples or game arcade sound effects. Then there are songs which could be called Tiny Toons metal. They are very fast and would be a suitable soundtrack for a race featuring Tom & Jerry. Finally there are some songs which contain more traditional country elements, only played several levels harder. My problem with this album is that John 5 shows in many different ways that he's a talented guitar player, but not really a good song writer as the songs on Vertigo aren't strong enough to entertain the listener. As session musician, he gathered lots of experience with non-metal artists like Salt N' Pepa, Rick Springfield, KD Lang and John Wetton. This less entertaining product would only deserve one point, but as John 5 is engaged to porn star Aria Giovanni, I'll give him two points.

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