JOHN DOE THING - Freedom Is...

John Doe Thing - Freedom Is...

15 songs
53:31 minutes
***** ***


In the United States, John Doe usually is a name that one gives to an unknown person that's unable to express itself (due to death or coma). The musicians of the John Doe Thing are nevertheless more popular as they used to play in the bands of such famous artists as Tom Waits, Beck, REM, New Radicals, Beastie Boys). Very strange is the choice of the sound engineer Dave Way who worked together with artists like Macy Gray, Spice Girls or Christina Aguilera. The John Doe Thing has not very much to do with the aforementioned singers and I have to admit that they play a very relaxing kind of singer/songwriter stuff. Although the songs definitely don't rock, they are never too mellow, soft or cheesy (Ultimately Yrs. is an exception). Somehow you can describe the style as not too extreme country music (which means slower tunes) filled with alternative elements la recent Red Hot Chilipeppers. Very surprising when you think that John Doe started in the late 70ies as a punk rocker. The album is relaxing, can be listened to at nearly every opportunity and may be appealing to most music listeners as it doesn't hurt.

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