JOLLY JUMPERS - Mobile Babylon

Jolly Jumpers - Mobile Babylon

11 songs
40:07 minutes
***** ***


In 1980, two legendary Finnish rock bands arose. While 22-Pistepirkko have become quite popular, Jolly Jumpers have never been more than an insider tip outside their native Finland. A possible explanation is that Jolly Jumpers refused to play outside their home country, but they have changed that attitude with their seventh release Mobile Babylon, their first record with the new guitar player Arimatti Julila (ex-Flaming Sideburns).

If you like 22-Pistepirkko, Jolly Jumpers surely will be up to your taste, too. Jolly Jumpers are spreading a typical, stoic, Nordic calm and have no problems calling their music Finnish Americana. They neither make a mystery about their major influences Johnny Cash, Velvet Underground and Neil Young. But it's also possible to hear more contemporary inspirations coming from bands like Giant Sand, The Men They Couldn't Hang and Dead Moon.

The general sound of Mobile Babylon is quiet and relaxed country music which could straight from a Western or Tarantino movie. There are some melodic tracks like Shooting Star, the rhythmic and strongly bass dominated Palomino, the groovy Boom Boom and wonderful Tex-Mex ballads (Snowy Downtown, The Beach). Even if the quieter moments are dominating, Jolly Jumpers don't hesitate to put surprising rocking passages into their music.

The album doesn't last too long so that there isn't time for boring elements. It was produced by Jürgen Hendlmeier who collaborated already with Flaming Sideburns, Sweatmaster and Baby Woodrose. So it's obvious that the record's sound isn't too clean. If you like a spicy mixture of desert rock, country roots, voodoo blues and garage trash, give them a chance.

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