JONATHAN BADGER - Unsung Stories From Lilly’s Days As A Solar Astronaut

Jonathan Badger - Unsung Stories From Lilly’s Days As A Solar Astronaut

11 songs
52:05 minutes
***** ***


It doesn’t happen that often that I get to review a composer’s work. Of course Jonathan Badger from Baltimore, Maryland does not create big symphonies that better off, old people like to listen to in prestigious concert halls, but he studied music anyhow and definitely comes up with music much different from your average rock band.

His chosen instrument is the guitar, but he also recorded a lot of musicians playing classical instruments like violin, cello and piano, to generate a huge massive sample bank that he used for the tracks of his second album Unsung Stories From Lilly’s Days As A Solar Astronaut. Furthermore he makes extensive use of mellotron sounds that are closely linked to his guitar playing. This technique reminds at times strongly of King Crimson, as on the splendid opener The Vessel Megalo, even if the programmed beats give the music an eerie quality.

Jonathan Badger moves somewhere between progressive rock, avant rock and dreamy ambient soundscapes, and manages to conjure slightly more than fifty minutes of engaging music. At times you wonder how great he would be in the context of a band, because he clearly has a very original outlook on how to make his sonic universe sound very unique. Once you come to the end of the record, you find yourself surprised at how much more entertaining this serious work by a downright composer is to many and maybe even most contemporary post rock bands that often lose themselves in overly long build-ups. Jonathan Badger is definitely an artist that should appeal not only to fans of intellectual music, but also to your common progressive rock aficionado.

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