Jon Oliva's Pain - Tage Mahal

13 songs
62:39 minutes
***** *****
Steamhammer / SPV


Jon Oliva is a metal icon that doesn't need any further introduction. The album title Tage Mahal of his new project is not only a well chosen play with words, but it's also a hint to his strong relation towards Savatage. Savatage have released lots of great metal albums, but their timeless classic certainly is 1989's Gutter Ballet. Their following albums never were able to top it, but surprisingly, Jon Oliva's new band Pain, which exists in parallel to Savatage, could made it. Tage Mahal contains all the necessary elements for another real metal epic. Nearly all the songs contain very dramatic and orchestral passages as you know them from rock classics as Gutter Ballet or maybe Saga's Generation 13. Although Jon Oliva has gained a lot of weight, he hasn't lost any of his talents. On many songs, he shows that he's still an excellent piano player. And when he begins to scream, you immediately recognise his unique metal voice. I've already been listening several times to Tage Mahal and always discover new great parts on it. It's impossible to pick a favourite track, because they are all amazing. It's just unbelievable how Jon Oliva succeeded a journey into the past in such an authentic way. Now I stop putting this album on a pedestal because it's anyway the metal classic of the year. Huge respects for Jon Oliva and his band!

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