JORN - Dukebox

Jorn - Dukebox

16 songs
77:32 minutes


Jorn is the band by Norwegian Jorn Lande who’s been a hard rock vocalist for the last ten years. Recently he switched from AFM Records to Frontier Records where he released his new album Spirit Track. Apparently he still had obligations to his former label who therefore come forth now with a best-of compilation with sixteen tracks that nearly exhaust the CD’s storage capacity.

There are no exclusive songs on Dukebox, but only material ranging from 2001 to 2008. Jorn play classic hard rock with a strong retro touch that reminds mostly of bands like Whitesnake, Dokken and Led Zeppelin. I can’t claim to be into this kind of music. Jorn perform classic rock throughout, coming without any surprise elements. At times they rock, but most tracks just lack punch.

As the new label released already the best-of retrospective The Gathering in 2007, the question arises who actually needs the new one. There could at least have been some incentive, like live versions, alternative takes or cover versions to offer fans something new for their money. I don’t like rating compilations, but can in this case due to the aforementioned reasons really not come forth with a recommendation.

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