Josh vs Royal McBee Corporation - Split

2 songs
8:40 minutes
***** ***

Josh page / RMcB page

The year 2010 ends with yet another release by Royal McBee Corporation, this time a split-CD with Josh from the suburbs of Bordeaux. Both bands only offer one track, making this an unfortunately very short listening experience.

Josh had invited already the RMcB vocalist on their last album Position Number Nine. Therefore it makes sense for both bands to share the space of a split record. Josh’s Death Of My Ghosts continues their melodic screamo style, although they seem to have mellowed a little. The vocals are still state of the art screams, but the guitars have a lot of room for melodies, and there is even room for a chiming synth part.

Royal McBee Corporation’s song Deep Down is only three and a half minutes long and reminds me a lot of Jane’s Addiction, especially the vocals show strong parallels to Perry Farrell. Once again the duo sounds different from the two other releases, proving that there is a lot of varied stuff than can be constructed by the limited means of only bass guitar and drums.

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