Joyfalds - Rails

8 songs
37:25 minutes
***** *****
Press Play


Founded in the early days of the new millennium, Dutch three-piece Joyfalds have, after two EPs, finally released their first full-length album. Inspired mostly by Blonde Redhead, My Bloody Valentiny and Tortoise, you know instantly that you can’t expect anything light-headed. Augmenting the typical rock instrumentarium with pianos, synthesizers and even an optigan, Joyfalds switch between no holds barred cathartic rock explosions and melancholic balladry, in a way that reminds of Motorpsycho at their very best. Joyfalds may use the same trademarks, but their songwriting is their very own, and deep enough to make you discover new elements every time you listen to it. Rails is by no means an easy album, but it’s accessible enough that even a first time experience is enough to make you crave for more.

The opener Leaves Fall Down is a rather straightforward rocker, followed by the more introspective Eclipse. Those two tracks show the band already from their two extremities, and from there on it’s a rollercoaster ride through these different moods, and the band excelling on both sides. Their rock moments have something very eruptive and are emotionally charged, whereas their mellower tracks charm the listener with exquisite old-fashioned synth sounds, it even sounds like a mellotron being used on Solitary Confinement.

It’s surprising for such an outstanding band releases its debut album on its own label. But don’t let that discourage you. Even if Joyfalds don’t reinvent music – and who does anyway these days? – they have put so much care, love and detail into every song that listening to Rails is a sheer pleasure for every fan of intelligent indie rock. In the end, I would only have wished that the album would have run a little longer.

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