JUDAS PRIEST - Live In London

Judas Priest - Live In London

32 songs
129:19 minutes
***** **
Steamhammer / SPV


Judas Priest have lost many of their old fans since Rob Halford separated from the heavy metal icons. There have been a lot of discussions, but sincerely I can understand that after 20 years of working together, people need something new. So in comes Ripper Owens, who in my opinion is a good substitute, as he has a similar voice.

The question is only who needs another Judas Priest live album. Unleased In The East and Priest Live have been the essential live albums for the 70ies respectively 80ies, and the 90ies had already 98 Live Meltdown, so why do we need already another live album, especially since nearly three quarter of the songs have already been on the last live album. OK, at least Judas Priest are not ashamed of their new material, and unlike Kansas who had only one new song on their recent live CD, Judas Priest have five songs from the Ripper Owens era. Of course these songs are not the classics we know from the late 70ies and early 80ies, but it is only fair to give them at least a chance. Another good thing is the way Judas Priest know to handle their past. You find songs from every album they made, with the exception of the weird Rocka Rolla and the atrocious Ram It Down.

The reason for this double CD set is to accompany the DVD containing the same songs, so I wonder if it weren't better just to by the DVD, and get the last live album instead, as it is cheaper and gives you some other songs. I give this release seven points, because the music and choice of songs is very good, but I don't really see the sense of this release.

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