JUNE - If You Speak Any Faster

June - If You Speak Any Faster

11 songs
37:33 minutes
***** ***


There used to be times when my ears recognised immediately melodic death metal from Sweden, technical grind death from the American East Coast, progressive rock from Canterbury, and I am proud to announce that I can still trust my hearing powers.

Emo punks June sound so Chicago that from the first song on you shouldn't expect anything out of the ordinary. Be that as it may be, they still manage to stay far above average with their debut album If You Speak Any Faster. The lyrics, which mostly deal about failed relationships, could give the impression of another bunch of whiny college kids, but their album is surprisingly rock. Guitarist Tim Brennan and bass player AJ Brown share the powerful vocals, backed by solid instrumentation that is taking advantage of a very natural sounding production. I like especially the pumping bass guitar that has more punching power than this genre normally allows.

It's hard to pick out any special song, because from start to finish, June deliver radio compatible three minute hits that are bound to find a young and emotionally receptive audience. They are not yet as perfect as their label mates Silverstein, but If You Speak Any Faster, although riddled with lyrical clichés, comes across as a fresh faced debut from a young emo band with a promising future.

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