THE JUNKTONES - American Paranoia

The Junktones - American Paranoia

16 songs
32:32 minutes
***** ***
Finest Noise


The Junktones are a punk band from the beautiful city of Heidelberg in Germany. Founded as a trio in 2006, they soon released their first CD. A second guitarist was added, and now, five years later, the quartet has released its second CD American Paranoia.

The cover artwork reminds me a little of Ugly Kid Joe’s America’s Least Wanted, but the Junktones deserve to be taken more seriously, even though the guitarist is playing a Hello Kitty guitar. The band is inspired by American punk and hardcore bands of the Eighties, like Black Flag, Gang Green, Circle Jerks and Minor Threat. Add to this a rocking component (Ramones, Suicidal Tendencies) and occasional Sixties rock’n’roll elements. By following these influences, not much can go wrong.

It shows that the Junktones have a lot of stage experience. This is even evident on CD, where the band plays wonderfully uncomplicated punk rock the way it was already cool thirty years ago. At times they play a little harder (Shut Up, Get Away,…), but can also surprise with a wonderful flair for melodies (Friday Night, Addicted To Porn,…). The song titles are testimony to the fact that there is a lot of humour to be found here, and that the musicians have a lot of fun performing together. This is especially exemplified with the last track Poop Sex, which may not be representative of the band’s sound, but still is a genial conclusion to the album.

If you don’t always want to listen to your classic Eighties punk albums, you might want to give the Junktones a chance. The band has definitely talent and is easily able to reproduce the authentic sound from way back when. The short running time may be a little disappointing, but apart from that, there is no reason to complain.

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