KERAMICK & LOBO - The Braille

Keramick & Lobo - The Braille

8 songs
46:55 minutes
***** ***
Exogenic Breaks


The Exogenic Music Group releases its artist on different sub-labels, and while Exogenic Records is well known for its high quality psy-trance output, I expected Exogenic Breaks to deal with breakbeat stuff. But Keramick & Lobo taught me better.

It’s not easy to categorise the Finnish duo, but I can confidently claim that their music is more accessible and has undeniable song qualities. The beats have a certain nervous undertone but always keep discreetly in the background, to give ample room to the warm synthesizers and regular instruments like bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, string arrangements and some more. Add to this the emotionally moving vocals, and you can get a decent idea of what Keramick & Lobo do on their second album The Braille.

They shift musical styles seamlessly, and although hardly anything sounds the same, they move so imperceptibly from one mood to another that everything still manages to sound very homogenous. On Gone, they remind me of Radiohead, Answers comes with soulful female vocals, and the concluding title track even lets the rock guitar in.

You don’t have to be blind to appreciate The Braille, but closing your eyes helps you to immerse deeper into the duo’s manifold sonic universe. The album may take some time to bury itself into your heart, but once it’s inside, it refuses to leave. Fans of sparse indie rock music (Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Talk Talk) with no aversion to subtle beats will find much to like here.

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