King’s X - XV

14 songs
54:05 minutes
***** ***


If you include their pre-King’s X ultra-rare album Sneak Preview from 1983 and their live CD Live All Over The Place (2004), XV is already the fifteenth release from the Texan three-piece. It’s astonishing that the band was founded already in 1980 and hasn’t since seen a line-up change. Just as consistent is their style: there are hardly any changes since their 2005 album Ogre Tones.

King’s X still play an appealing mix of hard rock, grunge, funk and soul. The harmony vocals often remind of gospel, blues, Americana and pop. There are neither surprises nor experiments, but their songwriting ability is still far above the average other bands come up with. The only difference to the preceding album may be that this time the band takes it a little slower, allowing even for an occasional blues flair. I especially like I Just Want To Live with its pleasant calmness. Rocket Ship and Alright show that the band still knows how to rock. Despite or even because of their routine, there are only a few band that offer such catchy and vocally perfectly delivered choruses. Only I Don’t Know displeases a little as it seems a little unfinished and has a few lengths.

Some bands like AC/DC, Motörhead or precisely King’s X have achieved cult status, and you don’t resent them for not evolving anymore. At least King’s X always leave some time between releases, making it easier to look forward to new signs of life. If you are a fan, XV will be another indispensable addition to your King’s X CD collection.

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