Last Millenium Suckers - Suck Up Your Life!

10 songs
29:35 minutes
Winged Skull

The last two years have seen a lot of movement in small garages, the (very rare!) rehearsal rooms and the cigarette smoke foggy bars in Luxembourg. A lot of mostly very young punk bands have been founded, and about every weekend, there's a punk concert going on somewhere. The Last Millenium Suckers surely are one of the most popular bands of the new movement. After a live EP (early 2001) the band presented their first studio CD in Kehlen in November 2001.

Suck Up Your Life! has been recorded at the Emerald Recording Studios (Canach) in July 2001. The cover artwork is already very inviting: six times a lot of skin and little clothes four muscular male bodys and two female vocalists. A band with sex appeal! After opening the CD box, you are faced to two handsome cuddly male butts on the CD itself.

Since the release of the EP, a lot of things have happened. Eric (Against Again, ex-Timesickness) has become second guitar player, which makes the sound even more melodic and powerful. Also the vocals by Jenny and Line have improved considerably. The vocal harmonies sound more mature. Their style has remained the same. Suck Up Your Life! offers 10 pure pop punk songs (somewhere between L7, Fabulous Disaster, Bracket, MxPx, Nerf Herder and Limp), that should appeal to all fan of the aforementionned bands.

Bored, one of the band's classics, opens the 30 minutes long album, followed by Dropdead Gorgeous, on of my favorites on the CD. This song has a cool singalong chorus and Jenny's voice is very snotty-aggressive. I Am What You Are Not is rather a poppy song, while Vixen is somewhat darker, faster and more energic. The Sucker In Me Is The Sucker In You is a very melancholic track, on which the Suckers show that they also know how to play good guitar melodies and how to use atmospheric moments. Schizzophrenia is a really fast song again. Pessimist could be called groovy. No Matter is a successful attempt at a quiet song that could be compared to Bad Religion's Dream Of Unity. The last song, 69, introduced by the cool Introstrumental, is a last chance of getting people wired up.

The band's lyrics are no boring political assembly line slogans. The Last Millenium Suckers prefer to look at the bright side of life. With irony and self-irony, they make fun of their own bandname, they sing about the boring life on a couch, about oversized supervixen babies, and they ridiculise pseudo-"I am tougher than you are"-girlies. Sometimes the lyrics are a bit bizarre, and you might wish to get some more depth, but combined with this kind of music, this is not really a problem.

People can accuse me of not being objective, because I know the band members very well, but that would not be fair. The album has been recorded very cleanly (which is not always obvious while being in a studio), and the sound is good, too. Also there's a lot of variety among the songs, to prevent boredom. The Suckers are at the beginning of their career, but they are already a very promising band.

You can obtain Suck Up Your Life! at the Winged Skull webpage and at the official LMS webpage, or at one of the band's concerts at the price of LUF 400 (which should be EUR 10).

Guest review by Jeff Hemmer.

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