LOSA - The Perfect Moment

Losa - The Perfect Moment

10 songs
40:41 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


I remember the times when bands that were at the same time aggressive and technical were a rarity, mostly frowned upon by your generic audience. Lately this has changed profoundly, at first making me more than happy, but now it starts already to get tiresome to try to find the differences between all those progressive metalcore bands. Losa could have been one more of the growing new mainstream, but the Texans not only live far off the usual music capitals, but also have delivered with The Perfect Moment the near perfect debut album.

After the one minute prelude The Beginning, noise that can as well be skipped, we get a first taste with the seven minutes long Unsuspecting Mind. From there on you won't get any chance to take breath. Not that Losa are speeding all of the time, but the songs all flow seamlessly into each other, making this sound rather like an ambitious one-song-album, and in that way much better than the new Meshuggah, because Losa know that it's not enough to rely themselves on their flawless technical skills.

The opener makes it more than clear: shredding thrash parts coexist with slower, darker doom parts, and the generally piercing vocals leave room for melodic moments. These mellower moments never have an alibi function, but are fully integrated into the common composition, adding the right amount of diversity to make the song/album interesting over the course of its forty minutes.

I don't know if it's just me, but the three last tracks (Church Of Pitted Vipers, Madness, Cessation) build up enormous tension. This is really astonishing as most bands I know normally tend to lose focus on the last third of an album. Not so Losa, who use the last quarter hour to reduce the speed lightly, adding more groove, and sounding all the more evil. In fact Losa are more Mastodon than Dillinger, and it that way much more down to earth and straight forward, although the technical finesse should also please prog metal fans with a love for extreme metal. 9 points for a debut that could hardly be any better.

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