MAJESTY - Reign In Glory

Majesty - Reign In Glory

10 songs
65:08 minutes


I think it must have been Lex who wrote the devastating review for Majesty's previous album Sword & Sorcery. Just to be fair towards the band, I decided to give it a try with this year's Reign In Glory. But what can I say? I totally agree with Lex, but also want to point out that Majesty, unlike any band I can think of that the moment, know how to split people. Read customer reviews on the usual online shops, and you will see that people love them or hate their music, and there's no love at DisAgreement Online for these guys.

Of course, they know how to play skilfully true metal, but where other bands try to be inspired by the 80s to have a go at their own sound, Majesty slip into Spinal-Tappish regions. To call the lyrics cliché-laden would still be an understatement, and everything sounds as if we have heard it before, just done with more heartblood. I don't want to state that Majesty don't put their heart into the music, but they adhere so closely to a template that they don't have any freedom to check out more original stuff. That there are still good traditional metal bands around has been proven many times in the past, just take for instance Pagan's Mind or Eidolon.

With Majesty, you get a combination of early Manowar with the more classical Virgin Steele, and if you can't get enough of that and anyway think that we're a bunch of wimpy wankers, then by all means buy Reign In Glory and be happy with it. I just miss a lyric sheet in my promotional copy, otherwise I could have quoted to prove my point.

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