Man Made Suicide - Demo 2008

6 songs
39:06 minutes
***** ***


Two years ago, a couple of local metal veterans resurfaced with their new band Man Made Suicide and left a good impression with their demo Aftermath Of Betrayal which not only sounded like a basic recording from their rehearsal room, but actually was one. Two years later, they are back minus their original bass player, which means that there are only three members now, who together must be already over a hundred years old.

This elevated age to start a new band may seem bizarre, but mid-Thirties gentlemen just had a different diet of metal allowing them to inspire themselves at the very roots of the movement. They were already alive and in puberty when it all started, mind you! In the two years since the debut, not much, if anything, has changed. So the songs are even longer than before, with an average of six and a half minutes per track, a trademark you normally find with progressive bands. Man Made Suicide are anything but that though. Instead you get second wave thrash metal as it was introduced by Machine Head fifteen years ago, recorded again under charming rehearsal room conditions. The sound is fit for a demo, and therefore it’s fair to call this output Demo 2008. It’s not clean, and if I didn’t know any better, I would suspect tape hiss at times.

If this all sounds negative, you might not have understood that the brilliance of Man Made Suicide comes from their uncompromising approach. They never sound bad, only low budget, and there’s nothing wrong with that if a band put enough heartblood into their creation. The opener Fucking Bitch Song is typical MMS fare: aggressive, insulting, mean, just the way we love them. The following In Vain, more than seven minutes long, has the band experimenting with mellower influences, which fails when Mars switches to melodic vocals. Man Made Suicide will probably be compared to early Clean State again, which is inevitable due to the very characteristic vocals, but there’s nothing wrong with that. This band is old enough to be able to do what they want to do, and from this freedom comes their undeniable attraction.

Demo 2008 is nearly forty minutes long, and the way I know Man Made Suicide, it will not cost the world. Furthermore you get two drink recipes to get really wasted, and there’s a competition to win an electric guitar. The music alone is reason enough though to get this demo, even if the bonuses make it even more attractive. Retro thrash fans who yearn for brutal low budget recordings will love this CD.

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