Matt Boroff and the Mirrors - Elevator Ride

12 songs
42:14 minutes
***** ***
Lo End


Elevator Ride is the third album by Matt Boroff, an American who chooses to live in Austria. Together with two musicians, they are the Mirrors who play in classical formation guitar, bass and drums their own kind of rock music.

The opener Like A Train has, like on his past albums, Southern influences, reminding a little of Tito & Tarantula. Matt Boroff will probably continue this pattern until Quentin Tarantino finally asks him to contribute a song to one of his movies. The remaining tracks show though that he can be much more diverse. One Step and The Beetle are two noisy rock numbers. Other pieces are quite rocking and rhythmic but still very accessible, especially the title track is a good example for this. Even his quiet numbers please as Matt Boroff is smart enough not to use any kitsch elements.

Matt Boroff managed again to make a small step forward, compared to this last CD Ticket To Nowhere. Elevator Ride offers ambitious rock music which is aimed at an audience of more than twenty-five years. Those who like the rock voices of artists like Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan should chance an ear with Matt Boroff and the Mirrors.

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