Midnattsoll - Nordlys

9 songs
50:02 minutes


Midnattsoll are a German-Norwegian band that was founded in 2002, and whose debut Where Twilight Dwells in 2005 obtained favourable reviews. Two of the members are also playing with Hamburg funeral doom band Ahab, and vocalist Carmen Elise is the younger sister of Leaves Eyes’ Liv Kristine.

Actually Midnattsol are playing rather classic symphonic metal, but they prefer to call it Nordic folk metal, as their music contains occasional folk elements, and some of their lyrics are in Norwegian.

Their new album resumes the recipe from the debut. You get the usual combination of atmospheric parts, mellow moments, fast accessible melodies and loads of bombast. From a musical point of view, this works rather well, and the folk elements in Race Of Time and River Of Virgin Soil add further impulses. Well done, if not necessarily innovative. But as much as I like Liv Kristine’s voice, her little sister can’t reach her yet. She’s forcing herself to sound like the former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, but eventually sounds too artificial, making me wonder if some studio wizard helped with un-kosher effects.

There are many female fronted symphonic metal bands that I really enjoy listening to: Autumn, Edenbridge, Elis, Leaves Eyes, Tristania, Within Temptation. But Midnattsol need to work really hard to achieve that level. Die hard symphonic metal fans may still like Nordlys, but I doubt any one will call Midnattsol their favourite band of this genre.

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