Mintzkov - 360

11 songs
49:17 minutes
***** **
Haldern Pop


360 is already the second album from Antwerp based band Mintzkov. Their German label Haldern Pop proved already with Das Pop two years ago that they know how to discover talented bands from Belgium. Mintzkov show quite a few parallels to dEUS who started a big wave of Belgian indie rock music in the mid-Nineties.

Not only dEUS, but also later bands like Mad Dog Loose, Ghinzu, Das Pop and Zita Swoon have left their traces, even if Mintzkov can’t quite yet reach them. Placebo, a non-Belgian band, may be among their influences too.

Although Mintzkov play on the same high level throughout the CD, it still lacks stand-out moments and true highlights. There are of course better moments, like the wonderfully arranged Return & Smile and Ruby Red with its female guest vocalists, two tracks that are begging for radio airplay. Philip Bosschaerts’ voice reminds a lot of Mad Dog Loose, even if Mintzkov are still far away from writing a classic like Versa. Their quieter tracks, like Miles Ahead, for instance, draw parallels to Zita Swoon. The dynamic title track could also have been heard on a Motorpsycho album.

I had to compare Mintzkov to many different bands because they haven’t found their own sound yet. Towards the end, the album starts lacking ideas, making the fifty minute running time seem a little long. 360 has become quite a good album, but to achieve real greatness, Mintzkov need to become more original in the future.

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