MOURNERS LAMENT - Unbroken Solemnity

Mourners Lament - Unbroken Solemnity

3 songs
32:17 minutes
***** ****


Coming from the coastal tourist city Viņa del Mar in Chile, a place that looks as if you’d want to spend your next holiday there, Mourners Lament have decided to play the absolute antithesis of what you would expect to come from such a town. Instead of playing samba rhythms that would fit well to the sandy beaches and the endless size of the Pacific Ocean, Mourners Lament play an extreme kind of funeral doom metal with death metal influences that you’d normally get from more Northern countries. Taking more than half an hour to play the three songs on their debut EP, you should get already more or less the idea. The nine minute opener Suffocating Hopes is a prime example of perfectly done doom metal. A brooding rhythm lays down the carpet on which the guitars set their mournful riffs, with a sad harmony weaving its way through the song. The title track is only six minutes long, and once again there is that lava feeling to the music, with growling threatening vocals that make you shiver. The more than seventeen minute long Sadness Caress is the stylistic highlight on the EP. Especially the latter half of the track sounds like a creepy soundtrack for a funeral, with repetitive riffs that drill a path into your mind, refusing to let your thoughts wander to more pleasant things.

Unbroken Solemnity is only a debut, but what a promising one. Their uncompromising doom death metal owes a lot to early Anathema and My Dying Bride (minus the violin), and should be a feast for every friend of slo mo metal.

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